Everything You Need to Know About Head Lice: An Infographic

What’s the size of a pinhead, can’t fly, hop or swim, yet spreads misery to scalps the world over? A head louse, of course. As experts in head lice treatment, we get inundated with questions about these little blighters on a daily basis: ‘what are head lice?’, ‘how do they spread?’ and, most importantly, ‘what head lice treatment works best?’ Well, we’ve pitted our heads together to answer all those questions with the following infographic.

Entitled, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Head Lice’, the Lyclear team have covered everything from how to check for lice, to tips on how to prevent an infestation. Based on a recent survey, we’ve even included a section on the most common home remedies being used to eradicate lice, with a scientific explanation to each.

We hope you find the information packed into our first ever infographic useful. There are so many misnomers surrounding head lice, such as the cleanliness of hair and that lice only affect children – neither of which make any difference whatsoever. Feel free to share this infographic with all your readers and fellow sufferers with the embed code below!

Ultimately, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Head Lice’ should take the embarrassment out of head lice infestations and lead to quicker, more effective treatment!






Everything You Need to Know About Head lice: An infographic by Lyclear